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You have arrived at the pre-opening of OncoTree Discovery & Translation Services, Inc., a new life sciences company bringing vascular informatics to oncology research, drug discovery and translational development.

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In the coming weeks, we will be releasing a new web site. Until then, please reach us via "contact us" above.

Control Glioblastoma U87 Sub-Q Tumor Model Avastin Treated Glioblastoma U87 Sub-Q Tumor Model 
Control Glioblastoma Tumor Model Avastin® Treated Glioblastoma Tumor Model

Human Glioblastoma xenografts with tumor vessels (angiogenesis) reconstructed in full 3-d using our proprietary software.

Microvascular Informatics Examples

Control Tumor Treated Tumor
Control Glioblastoma Tumor Avastin® Treated Glioblastoma Tumor

High Density Regions (Green), Low Density/Necrotic Regions (Dark Blue) (all in 3D)